About BES(t) 4 Kids

Integral care structure

In the Caribbean Netherlands the Expertise Centres Educational Care (EOZ) support pupils who threaten to get stuck in education due to developmental or behavioural issues. A similar care structure for children in childcare and out-of-school care is still missing, whilst young children with special care or upbringing needs deserve good and adequate care. That is why BES(t) 4 kids is working on a statutory integral care structure for childcare, education and after-school care.

The objective is that in 2022 the organisations for childcare and after-school care cooperate with the schools and other partners in order to offer every child the care they need.

The integral care structure is built on the educational care structure already offered by the islands. Two important guiding principles apply:

  • organisations for childcare and after-school are able to care for and counsel children with developmental and/or behavioural issues within the organisation (inclusive care);
  • organisations for childcare and after-school can claim specialist expertise and facilities for the children who need this.

Anticipating on the legislation and regulations, arrangements are agreed on, between the public entities and organisations for childcare, after-school and education. This will already start from 2020. This way public entities can take temporary measures in order to support certain groups of children with additional support or care needs.

It is important that the support and counselling of children starts at an early stage. All partners in the chain should therefore be alert to signals of educational and behavioural issues. Consultation agencies, care organisations, schools, expertise centres, Municipal Health Services and centres for youth and family should ideally act immediately in case of signals.

Parents should also appreciate the importance of early stimulation of children and ensure that their children receive the correct support, if so required. That is why BES(t) 4 kids intends to, in association with UNICEF, start a campaign that encourages parents to rely on good care and counselling for their children. And to already start stimulating the development of their children at an early stage.