Bonaire now has trainers for pre-school education in childcare

Thanks to BES(t) 4 kids, there are now enough trainers available on Bonaire to train childcare workers in the pre-school programme High Scope. Akseso implemented the programme: trainer was Riet Sealy, field consultant High Scope Bonaire. 5 participants completed the full programme and are now internationally certified trainers, 4 participants completed the theoretical part. 3 trainers have also been re-certified. The handing over of the certificates took place on September the 2nd.

We wish all trainers great success in training childcare staff. Although the Netherlands Youth Institute (NJI) will stop licensing High Scope in 2023, Bonaire will continue to use the basic principles and may develop its own pre-school education programme that is even better suited to its language and Caribbean context. The trainers will be closely involved in this process.

At the pictures:
The handing over of certificates
An insight during a training day