Twinning program BES(t) 4 kids Sint Eustatius continues with coaching for all childcare centers

BES(t) 4 kids wants to offer all children in the Caribbean Netherlands safe and affordable childcare of a high-quality standard. As a part of the twinning program Linda Blankhorst from the Dutch childcare center ‘Op Stoom’ is currently on St. Eustatius. She is here for two weeks working along with the daycare centers and out-of-school programs on the island.

The collaboration between childcare on St. Eustatius and the Dutch Childcare center ‘Op Stoom’ started in 2020 under the banner of BES(t) 4 kids. In that year, 6 childcare organizations on the island developed their pedagogical policy with the help of Linda Blankhorst. It describes how to deal with children in childcare. It is important that children are approached positively and with patience so that they feel safe and familiar with the group. A pedagogical policy also describes that children develop in a playful way and that the range of activities is therefore important for their personal growth. After all, what children learn in their youngest years, forms the base for their future.

Exchange program includes parents
In 2022, managing pedagogical quality in the workplace is central. During the two weeks in May the subject is, in cooperation with Linda Blankhorst, training management  and  the important role adults have in the development of children. There are also parent evenings about raising children.

Linda Blankhorst: “We enjoy working together and understand each other right away because we are all experts in the field of childcare. We share so much expertise with each other and we all find attention to children positive and important. Field Coach BES(t) 4 kids, who was appointed to St. Eustatius this month, will also work closely with the program.”

A group of directors & pedagogical coaches will go to Op Stoom in the Netherlands in June through the Twinning program and in October another 4 Op Stoom employees will come to work in the childcare on St. Eustatius. This broadens the view on childcare. In the meantime, a new plan for 2023 is being worked on.

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