Staff St. Eustatius

The pedagogical employees must have at least a level 2 CVQ (Caribbean Vocational Qualification) training. In February 2019, a start was made on a recognized level 2 CVQ training course for ECD (Early Childhood Development). The training is given by GVP school and attended by students from high school and persons working in childcare who do not yet have a qualification. The internship takes place at Buzzy Bees Daycare Center, the official learning institute for this training. The course will be finalized in July 2021

In February 2020 a training course for youth leaders has started. This is a level 2 CVQ training and is organized by GVP. This training will be finalized in the beginning of 2022

It is the planning to start in 2021 with a level 3 training SPW.

The OLE believes it is important that all childcare organizations work with the same pedagogical method; the High Scope Curriculum. Two people received training in Michigan and they train the staff of the childcare organizations. A next person started the training High Scope on Saba. In May 2021 a trainer from High Scope Michigan will give a training to the childcare workers

At the end of 2019, one person from each organization took part in the Conscious Discipline training. This program focuses on consciously positive parenting, both by parents and by childcare and schools. The intention is that this program is implemented and that parents are involved.

The employment conditions for employees in childcare organizations are being improved. Job descriptions have been made and a small step has been taken in improving the salaries of qualified childcare employees.