Staff Saba

The employees of both day care and after-school care are upgrading and continuing their education plan. The CVQ-2 level will be the minimum requirement for all professionals in order to work at childcare and after-school care.

Conscious Discipline
The staff is currently working with the Conscious Discipline method. The reason this method was chosen is a smoother transition from day care to primary school, since the primary school has already implemented this method. In 2019, 3 professionals from childcare and after-school care from Saba participated in a workshop Conscious Discipline. This program focused on consciously positive parenting, both by parents and by childcare and schools.

High Scope
Also part of the continuing education plan for employees is the High Scope training. High Scope is the preferred method that will be implemented and used at the day care centers as well as After School Care. In 2021 there will be more emphasis placed on adapting and working with this method.

First Aid
Furthermore, the staff of both day care and after-school care were trained in first aid specialized for children. All staff members are now certified and yearly receive a refresher course.

In April 2019 the After-school Care reevaluated all staff members. With this evaluation the salaries were improved to match those of the local day care employees. The After-school Care staff also received contracts with job descriptions and is following a similar labor agreement as that of the OLS. After the CVQ training the staff of both organizations will be reevaluated.